St. Elmo's Bullet

St. Elmo's Bullet is a series of Flash animations/fanmade music videos featuring AA characters from 2channel. The animations were created by Barry, except for St. Elmo's Bullet 3 which was created by Saturday Knight Special (aka. bullycats47).



Most of this is just copied and pasted from the descriptions on the official website, and then ran through Google Translate.



某民間軍事企業の特殊部隊DeadEys's Angels(DEA)元隊員。 数年前のPORORO奪取作戦で同部隊のメンバー全員を失っている。 愛用のマシェットは戦友の形見。ポーカーフェイス

A former member of Dead Eyes' Angels (DEA), a special forces unit of a private military company. He lost all members of his unit in the PORORO capture operation a few years ago. His favorite machete is a keepsake of his comrade. He always has a poker face.


マフィア直属の殺人請負機関 キラー・インクに身をおいていた凄腕ヒットマン。 暗号名(コードネーム)は「ウェルロッド」 1564の殺人(自供数)と10の殺人未遂で死刑判決を受ける しかし、その実績(?)を買われ、政府は特殊作戦部隊ABORNEへの入隊を条件に釈放。 拳銃、短機関銃の扱いに長け拳銃においては 40メートル離れた標的にダブルタップでワンホールショットを決める腕の持ち主。 趣味は園芸とウインドショッピング

A talented hitman who worked for Killer Inc., a contract murder agency under direct control of the mafia. His code name is "Wellrod". He was sentenced to death for 1,564 confessed murders and 10 attempted murders, but because of his track record (?), the government released him on the condition that he join the special operations unit ABORNE. He is skilled with handguns and submachine guns, and when it comes to handguns, he has the ability to make a one-hole shot with a double tap on a target 40 meters away. His hobbies are gardening and window shopping.


※とある事件 Saint Elmo's Scope はいつか公開したい・・・な・・

After graduating from high school, he joined the military and passed the ABORNE selection exam. He is good at sniping from long distances and has won the world biathlon championship. Since the death of three of his partner observers, he no longer works with observers. After a certain incident, he switched from a PSG-1 sniper rifle to a Barrett M82 anti-material rifle. He's extremely weak. (I want to release a certain incident, Saint Elmo's Scope, someday...)


特殊作戦部隊ABORNE アルファチーム隊長 隠密、暗殺のエキスパートでありCQCにおいて彼女の右に出るものはいない。 どんな状況にも動じない冷静な判断が彼女最大の武器である。 彼女のコンバットナイフは2本セットのオーダーメイド品。 (セットだが微妙に形が違う) しかし、戦闘に二本は必要ないためそのうち一本はウララーが所持している。 酒がまったく飲めない。 Saint Elmo's bullet 1.5 2009年公開?

Special Operations Forces ABORNE Alpha Team Captain. An expert in covert and assassination, there is no one like her in CQC. Her greatest weapon is her calm judgment, she is unfazed by any situation. Her combat knife is a custom-made set of two, their shapes are slightly different. However, since two of them are not needed in battle, Uralar uses one of them. She can't drink alcohol at all.


ABORNE部隊ヘリコプターパイロット、総飛行時間2500時間の若きベテラン。 温厚な人柄で部下からも慕われる存在。 制式採用ヘッドセットが耳に合わなくて困っているらしい。 自動車の運転技術は最悪。坂道発進、連続失敗回数63回、後続車両への衝突31回。

ABORNE's helicopter pilot, a young veteran with 2,500 total flight hours. He has a warm personality and is loved by his subordinates. He seems to be having trouble because the official headset doesn't fit his ears. His driving skills are the worst. He started on a hill, failed 63 times in a row, and collided with the vehicle behind him 31 times.


政府直属の対テロ特殊作戦部隊  制式採用小銃・SIG 552  拳銃・グロック17    トレードマークは緑のバンダナ

Anti-terrorism special operations unit under direct control of the government. Standard adopted rifle: SIG 552. Handgun: Glock 17.  They are known for their trademark green bandana.



A high-tech terrorist from a certain country that developed the biological weapon PORORO, they specialize in nighttime guerilla warfare. These soldiers' trademark is night vision goggles that glow red. Most soldiers are equipped with AK-47s.



A state-of-the-art biological weapon developed by high-tech terrorists, codenamed PORORO. It has an amazing regenerative ability that can erase a small bullet wound in a few tens of seconds. Its form changes greatly between its first form, second form, and third form.
Characters (St. Elmo's Bullet Zero)


某民間軍事企業、特殊作戦部隊 DeadEye's Angels(DEA)隊員。 幼い頃に紛争で両親を亡くし、自分の背丈ほどの小銃を構え少年兵として戦場へ駆り出される。 15才にして少尉となり第B-38小隊、小隊長の地位につく。 紛争終結後、とある民間軍事企業からのスカウトを受け,DEAに配属される。 そこで偶然にも少年兵時代に第B-38小隊、副小隊長だった ぎゃしゃと再会する。

A member of the private military company and special operations unit Dead Eye's Angels. His parents died in a conflict when he was young, and he was sent to the battlefield as a child soldier, armed with a rifle as tall as himself. At the age of 15, he became a second lieutenant and assumed the position of platoon leader in the B-38 Platoon. After the conflict ended, he was scouted by a private military company and assigned to the DEA. There, he happens to be the deputy platoon commander of the B-38 platoon when he was a child soldier, and they meet again.


特殊作戦部隊DeadEye's Angels 隊長。 幼少時代を孤児院ですごし、人見知りが激しい。 紛争が始まると第B-38小隊に配属され、副小隊長となり、 終結後は、モララー同様に企業からのスカウトを受けDEAに配属される。 モララーとは仲がよく、たまに笑顔を見せることもあった。 おっちょこちょいで世間知らず。

The commander of the special operations unit DeadEye's Angels. She spent her childhood in an orphanage and is extremely shy. When the conflict began, she was assigned to the B-38 Platoon and became deputy platoon leader. After the conclusion, she is scouted by a company and assigned to the DEA, just like Moralar. She was on good terms with Moralar, and would sometimes smile at him. She is clumsy and naive.


政府直属の対テロ特殊作戦部隊 ABORNEのブラボーチームに所属 警察学校をトップで卒業するものの、安月給や退屈な仕事に嫌気が差した彼はわずか2年で辞職。 その際、配属されていた警察署の署長から、ABORNEへの入隊を進めれれる。 冷静沈着で任務遂行のためなら手段を選ばない。剣道五段

Although he graduated from the police academy at the top of his class, he became a member of the Bravo Team of ABORNE, the anti-terrorist special operations unit under direct control of the government. He resigned after just two years because he was fed up with the low monthly pay and boring work. At that time, he was encouraged to join ABORNE by the chief of the police station he was assigned to. He is calm and collected, and he will do whatever it takes to accomplish the mission. He reached his 5th Dan in Kendo.


16才にして(゚Д゚)ハァ?バード大学に入学、博士論文が絶賛を浴びる。 その後、PORORO開発プロジェクトチーフとして研究に没頭。 当初、ノー博士はPOROROの回復能力を利用して胚性幹細胞の研究や ハッチンソン・ギルフォード・プロジェリア症候群の治療法開発。 ワクチンの開発されていないウィルスや細菌をPOROROの体内に 注入しPOROROの体内で生成された抗体を基にワクチンを開発するなど 医学利用を目的として研究開発されていた、生体実験用の「人工実験体」だった。 しかし、政府は突如 BWC(Biological Weapons Convention)を一方的に放棄。 POROROの兵器利用が決定する。しかし、彼女はPOROROの兵器利用を頑なに拒否。 完成直前だったPOROROを持って国外へ亡命するものの、テロリストによって拉致・監禁され、 テロリストの手に渡ってしまったPOROROは、遂に生物兵器として完成してしまう。

She entered Bard College at the age of 16 (゚Д゚) "what?" and her doctoral thesis received rave reviews. After that, she devoted herself to her research as PORORO development project chief. Initially, Dr. No used PORORO's recovery ability to research embryonic stem cells and develop a treatment for Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria syndrome. She introduced viruses and bacteria into PORORO's body for which vaccines have not been developed, and developed a vaccine based on the antibodies produced in PORORO's body after injection. It was an ``artificial experimental body'' for biological experiments that was being researched and developed for medical use. However, the government suddenly unilaterally abandoned the BWC (Biological Weapons Convention). They decided to use PORORO as a weapon, but she stubbornly refused. She fled the country with PORORO, which was just about to be completed, but was abducted and imprisoned by terrorists. PORORO fell into the hands of terrorists and was finally completed as a biological weapon.


テロリストのブレイン、クラッキングのスペシャリスト。 元フランス外人部隊で第1外人連隊に所属していた。 五ヶ国語を自在に操り、数多くのサイバーテロに関ってきた 現在は国際手配されているが、過去に彼の技能を買ったアメリ カ連邦捜査局が、彼をスカウトしたことがあるらしい。(彼の才能を 欲しているインターポールや各国の警察機関は山崎モナーを 逮捕せずに、現在国際テロリストである彼の買収を目論んでいる。) 国際A級ドライビングライセンス保持者、極度のカーマニア。 どこで手に入れたのか、エンツォフェラーリが彼の愛車。

Terrorist brain, cracking specialist. He was a former French Foreign Legion member of the 1st Foreign Regiment. He is fluent in five languages and has been involved in numerous cyber terrorism incidents. He is currently wanted internationally, but in the past he was scouted by the FBI, which bought his skills. Apparently Interpol and the police agencies of various countries who want his talent are planning to buy Yamazaki, who is currently an international terrorist, without arresting him. He is an extreme driving enthusiast, and holds an international class A driving license... ...where did he get it? Enzo Ferrari is his favorite car.


テロリストの上級幹部。重火器、爆薬のプロフェッショナル。 元フランス外人部隊、第2外人パラシュート連隊に所属していた。 山崎モナーとはフランス外人部隊所属当時に知り合っており 山崎同様かなり無口だが、彼とは部隊所属当時から気が合うようで 仲が良い。コンピュータの扱いが大の苦手であり、山崎のパソコン の前でしょっちゅう首を傾げている。過去に一度逮捕されたことが あるが、山崎モナーが裏で手を回し彼を釈放させた。週に一度だけ スタバでコーヒーとチーズケーキを食べることが唯一の楽しみらしい。

A senior terrorist leader. Professional heavy weapons and explosives. He was a former member of the French Foreign Legion, 2nd Foreign Parachute Regiment. He met Yamazaki when he was a member of the French Foreign Legion, and like Yamazaki, he is quite taciturn, but they seem to get along well since their time in the French Foreign Legion, and they are good friends. He is not very good with computers, and is often tilting his head in front of Yamazaki's computer. He had been arrested once in the past, but Yamazaki worked behind the scenes to get him released. The only thing he looks forward to is eating coffee and cheesecake at Starbucks once a week.
Characters (St. Elmo's Bullet 3)


Eichel secret Intelligence Bureau(エイシェル秘密情報局)の諜報員。 格闘や近接戦闘、変装を特異とするエースエージェント。 局長から曲者扱いされるが、部下からの信望は厚い。 諜報活動時以外の偽装生活はショットバー"モーゼス1918"を経営している。 しかし、当本人が酒を全く受け付けない体質のため不満を抱いており 「あのクソ所長の遠回しな嫌がらせに違いない」と愚痴をこぼしている ちなみに、バーでの利益はすべて彼の物になるが、あくまで偽装店舗 のため、全く客が来なくても潰れることはない。密かな趣味はコスプレ。

An ace agent of the Eichel Secret Intelligence Bureau specializing in melee, close combat, and disguise. Although he is treated like a crook by the director, he is highly respected by his subordinates. When he is not working on intelligence, he runs a shot bar called "Moses 1918". However, he is dissatisfied with the fact that he doesn't accept alcohol at all, and complains that it must be some kind of roundabout harassment from that damn bar manager. By the way, all profits from the bar belong to him. Since it is a fake store, it will not go out of business even if there are no customers. His secret hobby is cosplay.


EIBに勤めるプライドの高い女エージェント。 潜入、暗殺、SIGINTや情報操作などの他に尋問や ハニートラップなども得意とする。かなりのベテラン。 年齢はキニノラとほとんど変わらないが、彼の上司で 彼に武器の扱いや殺しのイロハを教えた諜報員兼教官。 偽装生活中は、バイカーズショップ"Hemp Heart"を営んでおり 彼女自身が手を加えた、青のKAWASAKI ニンジャZX-10R をチューンアップした”J-SPY”は最高時速300h/km を超える怪物マシンに仕上がっている。このバイカーズ ショップは政府から与えられた偽装店舗だが本人も すっかりバイクのボディとオイルの香りに魅了されてしまった。 休暇中は店の常連客とバイクツーリングに出かけている。 余談だが、彼女オリジナルカスタムのオートバイ"J-SPY"は ニンジャを意味する"Japanese SPY"の略らしい。

A proud female agent working for EIB. In addition to infiltration, assassination, SIGINT and information manipulation, interrogation and She is also good at honey traps. She is quite a veteran. She is almost the same age as Kininola, but she is his boss. She was an intelligence officer and instructor who taught him the basics of how to handle weapons and kill. While she was living in disguise, she ran a biker's shop called "Hemp Heart". A blue KAWASAKI Ninja ZX-10R that she herself modified. The tuned-up “J-SPY” has a maximum speed of 300h/km. It is finished as a monster machine that exceeds. The bike shop is a fake store given by the government, but she was completely fascinated by the body of the bike and the scent of the oil. During her vacation, she goes on motorcycle tours with the store's regular customers. Her motorcycle's name J-SPY is an abbreviation of "Japanese Spy" (i.e. a ninja).


今作戦が初任務である新米エージェント。 格闘試験と総合体力試験及び学力試験でギリギリの成績での 合格だったが、射撃試験ではトップクラスの成績を残している。 彼女のコードネームは所長が与える物だが、彼女の訓練を 任せられていたトニーが、「高台からの狙撃しか能のないあなた は屋根の上に乗っているガーゴイルと同じね」と毒を吐いたこと が所長に受け、コードネームの由来がガーゴイルとなっている。 しかし、彼女自信もそのコードネームを満更でもないと思っている。 偽装生活は路上でギターを弾いて小銭を稼いで、安アパートで暮らしている。

A new agent whose first mission is this mission. She got a marginal result in the fighting test, general physical fitness test, and academic ability test. Although she passed, she still had top-class scores in the shooting test. Her codename is the one given to her by her director, but she has no control over her training. Tony, who was entrusted with the task, said, "You're only capable of sniping from high ground. It's the same as the gargoyle on the roof." She was accepted by her director, and her code name is Gargoyle. However, she doesn't think she's confident enough or fully satisfied with the code name. Her fake life is playing the guitar on the street to earn some money and living in a cheap apartment.


"Boonies"の上級幹部で元中国人民解放軍上尉。 軍人時代は正義感が強くリーダーシップのある人物だったが 1989年の天安門事件を切っ掛けに国や軍に不信感を抱き その1ヵ月後に軍を除隊する。その後民主化運動を行う組織 とクーデターを計画するも、実行前に組織に紛れ込んでいた 人民武装警察のスパイが特殊部隊を要請し組織メンバー が逮捕されたため実行に移せず、その未遂事件自体も 隠蔽されてしまった。彼は運よく逃走に成功し、その後 Booniesの一員となり、クーデターの為に大量に隠し持って いた武器をすべて売り捌いて上級幹部という現在の地位に至る。 「中」の文字が刺繍された帽子と長い髭がトレードマーク。

A senior official of the "Boonies" and a former lieutenant in the People's Liberation Army. During his military days, he was a man with a strong sense of justice and leadership, but after the Tiananmen Incident in 1989, he lost faith in the country and the military, and was discharged from the military a month later. Afterwards, they planned a coup d'état with an organization conducting a democracy movement, but before the coup was carried out, spies from the People's Armed Police who had infiltrated the organization called for special forces, and the organization's members were arrested, so it could not be carried out, and the attempted coup itself was covered up. It has been done. He was lucky enough to escape and later became a member of the Boonies, selling all of his large stash of weapons for the coup and reaching his current position as a senior leader. His trademarks include a hat with the word "medium" embroidered on it and a long beard.


Eischel Republic


Jorchi Federation


Fenchek Republic


People's Republic of China

Fenchek Independence Dispute


フェンチェック自治区の独立宣言を切っ掛けに勃発 独立を認めようとしないジョールチ連邦との間で 17年前に紛争が始まり、8年前に漸くジョールチ連邦が フェンチェック自治区の独立を認めると言う形で終結した。

The conflict with the Jorchi Federation, which refused to recognize independence, started 17 years ago. It ended 8 years ago with the Jorchi Federation finally recognizing the independence of the Fenchek Autonomous Region.

Dr. No Kidnapping Incident


ジョールチ連邦に亡命したノー博士がARSに拠って拉致、監禁 された事件。アイヒェル政府指揮の下、ABORNEとDEAが奪還作戦を決行した。

Dr. No, who defected to the Jorchi Federation, was abducted and imprisoned by ARS. Under the command of the Eichel government, ABORNE and the DEA carried out a recapture operation.


エイシェル政府直属の対テロ特殊部隊。対テロ作戦以外にも敵地への潜入、偵察 、破壊工作、人質救出などの任務も遂行する。軍とは独立し、全く別の 部署に置かれているため隊員は軍人でもなければ、警察関係者にもあたらない。

A special anti-terrorism force under the direct control of the Eichel government. In addition to counterterrorism operations, they also carry out missions such as infiltrating enemy territory, reconnaissance, sabotage, and rescuing hostages. Because it is independent from the military and is placed in a completely different department, its members are neither soldiers nor police personnel.

Accelerate Revolutionary Service (ARS)

Accelerate Revolutionary Service 通称"アラシ" 一般的なテロリストと違い、宗教的理由や革命、民族独立などの 政治的目的を持っておらず、報酬次第でその宗教的理由や政治的目的 を持つ組織に協力する金目当てのフリーなテロリストグループ。 ノー博士拉致事件に関与し、新型生物兵器の開発に関わっていた ことは明らかとされているが、組織全体の指導者の詳細どころか 存在すら明らかになっていないなど、組織中枢部のほとんどが 闇に包まれたままとなっているテロリストグループ。

Accelerate Revolutionary Service (commonly known as "Arashi"). Unlike general terrorists, they do not have religious reasons or political objectives such as revolution or national independence, but instead cooperate with organizations with religious reasons or political objectives depending on the reward. Freelance terrorist group looking for money. Although it is clear that they were involved in the Dr. No abduction incident and were involved in the development of a new type of biological weapon, the details of the entire organization's leadership, or even its existence, have not been revealed, and most of the central members of the organization have not been revealed. A terrorist group that remains shrouded in darkness.

Biological Weapons Convention (BWC)

Biological Weapons Conventionの略。生物兵器禁止条約。 兵器の開発、生産、貯蔵等を禁止し、既に保有されている 生物兵器を廃棄することを目的とした条約である。

This treaty prohibits the development, production, and stockpiling of biological weapons, and aims to destroy biological weapons already in stock.

B-38 Team

フェンチェック独立紛争中に結成された小隊。小隊は主に紛争で親を亡くし た紛争孤児で18歳未満の少年少女で構成されている。装備は主にアサル トライフルなどの比較的容易に扱える武器でAK-47、FAL、ドラグノフ、 RPG-7などの安価、且つ強力な火器。B-38小隊には、サナーシキ村大量 虐殺事件の生き残りがいると言う情報がある。(未確認)B-38小隊及び、 その他の小隊は紛争終結と同時に解散されており、現在は存在しない。

A platoon formed during the Fenchek Independence War. The platoon is mainly made up of orphans under the age of 18 who have lost their parents in the conflict. Equipment is mainly relatively easy-to-handle weapons such as Asal's trifle, and cheap and powerful firearms such as AK-47, FAL, Dragunov, and RPG-7. There is information that there are survivors of the Sanashki village massacre in the B-38 platoon. (Unconfirmed) B-38 platoon and other platoons were disbanded at the end of the conflict and no longer exist.

Dead Eye's Angels (DEA)

民間軍事企業、Thread Walker社の特殊部隊。 特殊訓練された社員が治安維持活動、後方支援、護衛、軍事作戦への派 遣などの軍事サービスを提供している。社員の戦闘能力は折り紙つきだが 民間人の射殺や暴行、強姦や略奪などの不祥事が絶えないため「フリー・ テロリスト」「現代のヴァレンシュタイン」などのあだ名がついている。 しかし、DEAでは不祥事は(隠蔽された可能性もあるが)一件も起こっていない。 一般社員の不祥事を防ぐために社員へのGPSやIDナンバーの装着が義務化された。 社員の多くは元軍人や紛争終結後に行き場を失った少年兵で構成されている。
※"Deadeye"は直訳で「死んだ眼」を意味するが 「三つ目滑車」また「射撃の名手」と言う意味もある。
Special forces of Thread Walker, a private military company. Specially trained personnel provide military services such as security operations, logistics support, escort, and deployment to military operations. Although the fighting ability of the company's employees is proven, there are constant scandals such as shootings, assaults, rapes, and looting of civilians, earning them nicknames such as "free terrorists" and "modern-day Wallenstein". However, no scandals have occurred at the DEA (though they may have been covered up). In order to prevent scandals involving regular employees, it is mandatory for employees to wear GPS and ID numbers. Many of the employees are former military personnel and child soldiers who lost their place after the end of the conflict. (The phrase "deadeye" can refer to a three-eyed pulley, or a master marksman.)

Eichel secret Intelligence Bureau (EIB)

(Eichel secret Intelligence Bureau)"エイシェル秘密情報局" エイシェル政府の設置する、インテリジェンス・コミュニティー。 スパイ活動、暗殺、破壊工作、情報操作、などの隠密作戦を遂行する。 EIBエージェントは、政治家、弁護士、軍人、警察官、俳優、会社員など、 表向きの顔を持っている。絶対秘密主義のため、例え配偶者や友人にも 自らのEIBエージェントとしての身分を一切漏らしてはならない。 EIBに勤める諜報員は、互いのことをハチドリと呼んでいる。 ABORNEとの共同作戦及び、共同訓練も実施されている。

An intelligence community established by the Eichel government that carrys out covert operations such as espionage, assassination, sabotage, and information manipulation. EIB agents have public faces such as politicians, lawyers, soldiers, police officers, actors, and office workers. Due to absolute secrecy, you must never divulge your status as an EIB agent, not even to your spouse or friends. EIB intelligence agents call each other "hummingbirds". They also conduct joint operations and joint training with ABORNE.


アジアのブラックマーケットを支配し、主に盗難絵画や宝石 密売仲介役、麻薬や銃器などの密売も手掛ける巨大な密売組織。 90年台後半ではアフリカにまで組織を展開させ、RUFへの武器の提供 を行い、紛争ダイヤモンドを大量に仕入れていた。近年では中東の イスラム原理主義武装勢力にも大量の武器を提供していると噂されている。 総本部の所在は不明。

A huge smuggling organization that controls the black market in Asia, primarily acting as an intermediary for the smuggling of stolen paintings and jewelry, as well as smuggling drugs and firearms. In the late 1990s, the organization expanded to Africa, providing weapons to the RUF and purchasing large quantities of conflict diamonds. In recent years, he has been rumored to have provided large quantities of weapons to Islamic fundamentalist militant groups in the Middle East. The location of the headquarters is unknown.

Sanashki Village


人口300人以下の都会から外れた小さな村 紛争中 軍が掃討作戦のもと、女性や子供問わず 村人全員を虐殺した惨劇の舞台。 その事件以降、誰も住んでおらずゴーストタウン化している。

A small village outside of the city with a population of less than 300. During a conflict, the military massacred all the villagers, including women and children, during a mopping-up operation. Since that incident, no one has lived there and it has become a ghost town.

Tony & Kiniola



Code name of two ace agents belonging to EIB. Not much else is known about them.

Dr. No Kidnapping Incident


国際テロ組織、ARSが関与したとされる拉致事件。 エイシェル政府はノー博士奪還の為にABORNEによる奪還作戦を行ったが 部隊メンバーの全員が死亡し、拉致されていたノー博士も 射殺体となって発見されたとして公表している。 しかし、実際には民間軍事企業Thread Walker社の特殊部隊 DEAとの混成部隊であり、作戦に参加していたABORNE隊員は たったの一名だけであった。そして”殺害されていた”と公表された ノー博士は政府に送り込まれたEIBの諜報員によって殺害されていた。 DEAの参加とノー博士を殺害したことについては極秘とされたため 事実を隠蔽し公表しなかった。当初は政府も混成部隊全員が死亡した と断定したが、後の調査で一名のDEA隊員の防弾ベストに登録されていたID から調べたDNAとそれを着けていた遺体とのDNAが一致せず、 遺体はDEA隊員ではなく全くの別人であり。 死亡していたはずのDEA隊員モララーが生存しており 且つこのような偽装工作を謀っていたが判明した。

An abduction incident in which the international terrorist organization ARS is said to have been involved. The Eichel government carried out a retrieval operation by ABORNE to retrieve Dr. No, but all members of the unit died, and Dr. No, who had been abducted, was also announced as having been found shot to death. However, it was actually a mixed unit of the private military company Thread Walker's special forces unit, the DEA, and he was the only ABORNE member participating in the operation. It was announced that Dr. No had been murdered by an EIB agent sent to the government. The involvement of the DEA and the murder of Dr. No were kept top secret, so the facts were concealed and not made public. At first, the government concluded that the entire combined force was dead, but a later investigation revealed that the DNA found on the ID registered on one DEA agent's bulletproof vest matched the DNA of the body wearing the vest. First, the body was not a DEA member, but a completely different person. It turns out that DEA member Moralar, who was supposed to be dead, is alive and was planning this kind of fake operation.

New Biological Weapons


コードネーム:PORORO。ノー博士の研究を基にテロリストが開発した生物兵器。 俊敏な身のこなし、鋭利な刃物ように研ぎ澄まされ触手を持ち。 驚異的スピードの新陳代謝による、回復能力を持つ。ただし、 48時間、一切栄養を摂取しなかった場合は自らの新陳代謝で栄養分を消費し それによって引き起こされる栄養失調で餓死してしまうのだ。 POROROの弱点は、爆破での木っ端微塵、強力な銃による頭部の破壊だ。 一般的なアサルトライフルでは、頭部に撃ち込んでも厚さ数十センチもある頭蓋骨 で弾丸がストップしてしまうため、脳に損傷を与えることができない。 たとえ損傷できたとしても、脳自体にも回復能力があるため、すぐに損傷部は 回復してしまうのだ。50BMG弾などの瞬間空洞の大きな弾丸が有効である。

Codename: PORORO. A biological weapon developed by terrorists based on Dr. No's research. It has agile movements and tentacles that are honed like sharp knives. It has the ability to recover due to its amazingly fast metabolism. However, if it does not take in any nutrients for 48 hours, its own metabolism will consume the nutrients and it will starve to death from the resulting malnutrition. PORORO's weaknesses are being blown to bits of wood by explosions and having its head destroyed by powerful guns. Even if a typical assault rifle is fired into the head, the bullet stops at the skull, which is several tens of centimeters thick, so it cannot cause brain damage. Even if the brain is damaged, the brain itself has the ability to recover, so the damaged area will quickly recover. Large instant hollow bullets such as 50BMG bullets are effective.

PORORO Project

エイシェル政府が極秘裏に進める新型生物兵器の研究開発計画。 完成後は戦闘試験をクリアできた場合、即座に戦闘参加を可能にするため。 あらかじめBWC(Biological Weapons Convention)を放棄した。 当然政府は、国連安全保障理事会を完全に無視している。 生物兵器POROROは敵味方の区別関係なく攻撃を行うため 戦闘においては、冷凍冬眠させたPOROROを輸送機から敵地に投下し 作戦終了後は頭部及び、胸部に埋め込まれた爆薬を遠隔操作で爆破させる。 (SEBに登場したPOROROはプロトタイプのため爆薬が埋め込まれていなかった。)

A research and development plan for a new type of biological weapon that is being carried out in secret by the Eishel government. After completion, if it can clear the combat test, it will be able to immediately participate in combat. The BWC (Biological Weapons Convention) was abandoned in advance. Naturally, the government completely ignores the UN Security Council. The biological weapon PORORO attacks regardless of whether it is enemy or friend. In battle, the frozen and hibernated PORORO can be dropped from a transport aircraft onto enemy territory, and after the operation is over, the explosives embedded in the head and chest can be remotely controlled to make it explode. (The version of PORORO that appears in Saint Elmo's Bullet is a prototype and does not contain explosives.)


5年前のノー博士拉致事件以降、行方不明となったPORORO開発データのコードネーム。 ノー博士のパソコンに記録されていたがモララーの失踪と同時にパソコンも消えている。 エイシェル政府はモララーがABORNEとDEAの混成部隊メンバー全員を殺害し、 開発データの記録されたパソコンを持ち去ったと断定している。

The code name for the PORORO development data that went missing after the Dr. No kidnapping incident five years ago. It was recorded on Dr. No's computer, but it disappeared at the same time as Moralar's disappearance. The Eichel government has determined that Moralar killed all the members of the ABORNE and DEA hybrid unit and took away the computers containing the development data.