Name Translations

Proper nouns in toki pona are kind of weird. Normally there's no capitalization in toki pona, but names get capitalized just so you know they're not regular words. Also, whenever you have a name, you need to put a noun in front of it so you know what type of thing the name is referring to. For example, the French language is "toki Kanse", so you don't confuse it with France the country ("ma Kanse"), or French people ("kulupu Kanse"). Sonja Lang, the creator of toki pona, is called "jan Sonja".

Oh, and names also have to be transliterated into toki pona. This part is easy though, you can check out all the spelling and pronounciation rules here. And if you need to know the name of a specific country or language in toki pona, you can check that out here.

My Name!

outer spec
jan Ote Sepase
jan Otesepase
jan Ote
jan [olin tawa esun]
jan [olin tawa esun sona esun pipi alasa sona esun]

2ch AA Characters:

soweli Mona
kisa Mona
soweli [ma olin nasa alasa]
kisa [mu olin nja apeja]

soweli Molala
kisa Molala
soweli [ma olin lipu alasa lipu]
kisa [mu olin lukin apeja lukin apeja]

soweli Kiko
kisa Kiko
soweli [kala ijo kala olin]
kisa [kisa ijo kisa olin]

soweli Si
kisa Si
soweli [sama ijo]
kisa [suwi ijo]

Vocal Synths:

Hatsune Miku
jan Miku
ilo Miku
jan [ma ijo kala uta]
ilo [ma ijo kala uta]

Kagamine Rin
jan Lin
ilo Lin
jan [lipu ijo nasa]
ilo [lipu ijo nasa]

Kagamine Len
jan Len
ilo Len
jan [len esun nasa]
ilo [len esun nasa]
jan [len]

Megurine Luka
jan Luka
ilo Luka
jan [luka uta kala ale]
ilo [luka uta kala ale]
jan [luka]

Misc. First Names

jan Emi
jan Emili
jan [esun ma ijo]
jan [esun ma ijo lipu ijo]

jan Eme
jan Emete
jan [esun ma esun]
jan [esun ma esun tawa esun]

jan Neli
jan Neile
jan [nasa esun lipu ijo]
jan [nasa esun ijo lipu esun]

jan Setepen
jan [sama esun tawa esun pili esun nasa]