My Fanart

AA fanart I made. You can check out other people's fanart here!

very nice, lets see moralers card

a yellow cat is chilling on the couch, which is covered in newspapers. behind him, a blue cat is awkwardly holding a scythe.

Redraw of that one scene form American Psycho, but with Gyasha and Moralar.


asapi x sanke yaoi

Asapi x Sanke slow burn.

Yes, this is yaoi of rival Japanese newspaper companies' fursonas. They just gave me such strong soyjak vs chad vibes that i thought it would be funny. No, I will not apologise.


two cats, one prospitian and one dersite, screaming about sburb in front of skaia. skaia is screaming too.

Saitama but its a Homestuck session.


contains flashing gif gif of a rainbow cat jumping and shouting 'It's heeeeere!'

I drew Kita in anticipation of Procreate Dreams coming out.