Diagonal Shii

Diagonal Shii

(゚、 。 7  
 l、~ ヽ
 ししと )ノ

Diagonal Shii (斜めしぃ) is an AA that has been around for a while, but doesn't really have much use other than looking cute. Even if you've never heard of 2channel before, you may have seen it posted in webcore tumblr blogs or something like that.

This character wasn't originally intended to be Shii, but was eventually named "Diagonal Shii" due to its resemblance to Shii. It's also known as "北極6号"/"North Pole No. 6", "斜めギコ"/"Slanted Shii", or even just "(゜、 。`フ".

       /l、      /l、         /l、
      (゚、 。`フ    (゚、 。`フ     (゚、 。`フ _
      |  ヽ  → _l、 "ヾ/ →  _」、 "∨ 
     しし,,_,)~  └じl_r' ,)     └じl_r' ,)
                 `´          `´