Baby Shii

   ハニャ!ベビチャン オトマリカイダッテ!

              (*゚ワ゚)      チィ?
             /  つ□          ハ,,ハ
           ~(,,_,,)           (゚-゚*),,)~

Baby Shii (ベビしぃ) is Shii's baby. Specifically, it's usually the offspring of an Afoshii. It's derived from Chibi Shii.

Baby Shiis take about 4 months to grow into mature Shiis. Like their parents, they are often abused.


Baby Giko

     ハ ハ ミュミュ?   ハ ハ ナッコ♪
  ~(,,(,,・o・)     (゚ー゚*),,)~

Baby Giko (ベビギコ) is a derivative of Baby Shii. Or maybe Baby Giko came first, and Baby Shii was derived from it? Sources differ.

Baby Fusa

.    ハ,,ハ        

Baby Fusa (ベビフサ) is derived from Fusagiko and Chibi Fusa.

Baby Reko


Baby Reko (ベビレコ) is derived from Damarekozo.

     (o゙))'   ミo゙ミミ'  (o゙)ミ  (3゙))

     '(("o)  'ミミ"oミ  ミ("o)  (("3)

      ,、,、    ,、,、    ,、,、    ,、,、
     (o゙,,),)'  ミo゙,,ミ,ミ'  (o゙,,),ミ  (3゙,,),)

       ,、,、     ,、,、    ,、,、    ,、,、
     '(,(,,"o)  ミ,ミ,,"oミ  ミ,(,,"o)  (,(,,"3)

      ハ ハ     ハ,,ハ      ハnハ     ハハ
     (・o・,,),,)~ ミ・o・,,ミ,,ミ~,  (・o・,,),,ミ  (・3・,,),,)

       ハ ハ     ハ,,ハ     ハnハ     ハハ
    ~(,,(,,・o・) ~ミ,,ミ,,・o・ミ  ミ,,(,,・o・)  (,,(,,・3・)